a young witch with a fat iguana familiar 

this is the first time ive drawn an iguana ever

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Coming soon to Disney


yo im not playin around but i genuinely cant tell whos who rn

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this vine is better than all of paranormal activity

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Hello, my name is Jack and I’m 18 years old. I’ve recently earned my HiSET diploma in spite of an ongoing battle with severe depression and anxiety and am hoping to move forward in my education. I live with my disabled mother and father. My mother works part time in a daycare and my father has a fixed income from disability. Their combined income allows us to scrape by, but we have difficulty keeping up with bills most months. This leaves me having to pick up the slack and being unable to save any money to cover the training needed to go into the field I want to work in. Any amount donated would help immensely, as this training and certification will make a huge difference in my life and give me the foothold I need to pull myself out of poverty.

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I was talking about why Chef Gordon Ramsay was so angry all the time, and explained that he originally wanted to be a professional soccer player but suffered a really bad knee injury and couldn’t play anymore, so he poured himself into cooking and culinary arts to help with his anger issues, but his abusive alcoholic father disapproved of his cooking and died before ever tasting any of it and I realized that Gordon Ramsay has the most anime backstory ever.

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acid candy pop victorian

We have tons of these kinda houses in my town and the are just really awesome, the houses are actually classified as “Painted Ladies” and the are probably some of the best examples of Asymmetrical, non linear architecture ever created

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holy fuck Deathly Hallows came out 7 years ago. (As of the 21st)


"Wow the harry potter wiki is the most shamefully comprehensive wiki on the internet."